Thursday, September 13, 2007

Building a Fall Wardrobe - Part 2

Since I've been writing for this blog, I've been reading more fashion magazines like Vogue (American and UK) and Glamour and WWD. The images and designs are inspirational and in the overwhelming majority, aspirational. Unlike high-end shoes, I tend not to buy a lot of designer clothes. Maybe it's because I know their life cycle is shorter, or because I tend to sit in an office most of the day. Or it could be that I live in a small-ish Southern town where I won't get much use out of them. Or maybe I know I will get tired of my clothes much faster than I do my shoes. Or maybe I'm just to cheap.

Anyway, my wardrobe mainly comes from Target, Gap and Anthropologie with some Old Navy, JCrew and Ann Taylor mixed in. I mentioned the pieces I just bought from the Gap - some classic, some trendy. Here are some of the new pieces I got from Target.

These are the brighter, trendier, more disposable pieces that I'm fine if they only last a season.
  1. Argyle sweaters in 4 colors (I got the green one too). I like to add colorful scarves and gloves with these. This year I can wear them with skirts and add bright socks and tights.
  2. Dark brown cardigan with stylized alligator design. This has a classic look but could be paired with a bright color underneath
  3. Black pencil skirt with great seaming
  4. White button-down shirt with low v-neck. This will look great with jeans but also layered under my Libertine skull sweater vest.
  5. Faux leather biker jacket with puff-shoulder detail in brown- I can't wait to wear this with jeans and boots
  6. Purple alligator clutch. $12!!! And so cute
  7. I also got a brown skirt that will be great with my chunky wing-tip shoes and many of my sweaters

They are all a bit streamlined preppy, I guess, but apparently the catholic school influences live on.


LallaLydia said...

Poochie, I love argyle. Looks like you got some nice and versatile pieces there. Have you seen the target shoe selection? Uber cute, at least online.
That croc style cardigan is sweet, i'll have to get one myself. thanks for the tip!

Princess Poochie said...

I think Target is getting better and better with their shoes. They've done great with flats and mocs. I think they still need some work on their heels, but the styles and quality are on their way.

I like to see them in person, though, to check the comfort level and material quality. But they do have some cute stuff!