Friday, September 14, 2007

Dear Neiman Marcus..

Dear Neiman Marcus

I love you very very much. You have beautiful clothes and a great cosmetics department. And you can't beat the shoes, of course.

But your folks tend to be a little snobby (as only a high-end store associate can) and false flattery. I mean, I know you aren't there for altruistic reasons, and I am probably not as fabulous as you exclaim that I am. So I'm not completely clueless.

I can, however, excuse your faults. I don't throw stones in a glass house. But what I can't condone is blatant ignorance and high pressure. Shouldn't you know your product backwards and forwards and shouldn't you be trying to seduce me and my credit card, not turn me off by pressuring me.

I mean, seriously.

I was in the NM closest to me last weekend. So I had to go to the shoe department while my corrupted husband was getting his Kheil's fix (that's a whole other story). I'd seen most of these shoes online already, but there were a few that I was admiring in person, including a pair of grey Prada's made for the 100th anniversary. I really wasn't going to buy anything that day so my usual "out" is that they probably won't have my size in stock. (Unfortunately this is true far too often.)

So when the snob-y sales assoc came over, I asked about the Prada's and mentioned that they probably wouldn't have my size. He, of course, said they may have some in the back. When he came out, he said they didn't (duh!) but to try on a another size for fit. I know he wants to make the $700+ sale, but if they don't fit, they-don't-fit! Geez!

Anyway, I try them on, annndddd they don't fit and I say "Oh, well". He says I wanted you to try on the "5 1/2's for size, blah, blah, blah...".

Um, those are 36.5's not 35.5's. So that means they are 6 1/2's in US sizes, not 5 1/2. No where near my size. Then, THEN, he pushes me to order some from another store because there are only a few left. How do I know he even can order the right size after that! I say, "Well, I'll think about it and call you back after we finish shopping" and he still continues to pressure me.

I got really cranky after that. Needless to say, I did not call Mr. Sales Associate back and I probably would not give him the sale the next time I am in there. So Neiman's, please train your sales staff better so the shopping experience can match the quality (and price tag) of your merchandise.

Luv ya,

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