Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hot Dog under a Heat Lamp

I was reading Gala's blog today and she linked to a post talking about a very young woman who died of skin cancer. It still amazes me how many people still layout in the sun A LOT and still go to tanning beds.

I can’t believe there are people who don’t know how horrible tanning beds are. I’m from Florida but extremely fair (aka Irish Chicken Meat skin), and, luckily, never got into tanning. It was way too boring to lay around like a hot dog under a heat lamp. I’ve since moved to North Carolina and it amazes me how many tanning salons are here. People are obsessed with it, and with getting tanned/burned.

Is the whole skin cancer message not getting through to people?

Why is tanning and being tanned still considered a good thing. Maybe we need to hand out some ribbons and hold some races to get it more noticed and generate more awareness about it.

Please please please don’t layout and don’t go out without sunscreen. Not only will you look younger and better, but You. Won’t. Die.

I also always ask if babies and kids have sunscreen on too. You would be surprised how many don’t.

Better yet, play up the whole lack-of-tan element. I love parasols. I have some vintage ones, a lacy one from Italy, a black kind of Goth black velvet one and some pretty Asian ones - in florals, red and white splatter patterns and rice paper. You can get some for less than $20 at Pearl River.

And there are pretty hats for all seasons. I love straw hats with flowers on them and then pinning vintage brooches, but there are tons and tons out there, especially online.

Don't wait until they have to cut something off of you. Wear the sunscreen and cover up. A tan can fade but a big biopsy scar will last far far longer.

Photos from Swan4 and KateMonkey - Flickr


Laura V said...

You don't want babies to have TOO much sunscreen on. Then they get rickets.

No, I'm not kidding!

I'm very pale with a lot of moles, and my husband is in the highest-risk group for melanoma (he has atypical mole syndrome), but when we have kids we're going to make sure they get enough sun exposure to manufacture up plenty of VitD. Rickets is not your friend!

Princess Poochie said...

True! But where I lived in FL and in the South, you get plenty of sun. And avoiding the sun from 10am - 4pm can help.