Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm not feelin' it, Vera

Because Target has done so well with its capsule Go International collections, it's no surprise other department stores like JCPenny's and Kohls are going to find their own partners for limited edition collections.

I've never been in Kohls actually and even when I heard about the Vera Wang collection she is doing with them, I was not enticed. I've haven't really followed her designs or think much about her other than her wedding dresses (admittedly gorgeous) or, now, mattresses.

But in the last week or so, two of my favorite bloggers wrote about her collection. Daddy Likey was not overly impressed and didn't mince words, but Style Spy found some pieces that she liked. So, because I think you can find something at any store, and because I needed to go to Target which is right next door, I thought I would pop in and check it out for myself.

First off, when I step into the store - I hate it. I hate the layout and it just seems really annoying. Even more than I think a TJ Maxx usually is. Which means that right off the bat I am not in the mood to shop.

I saw this skirt which they have tried to glam up in the ads, but the hem looks crap-Y. And I think it would balloon out at my knees in a very unappealing way.

The dress looks o-kay in the picture, but on me, not so much. And that belt would have gone straight in the trash.

Tried on this skirt and a black pencil skirt with a satin "car-wash" pleated edge. This skirt didn't do much for me at all, mostly because the pockets bulged out. The black skirt was okay but it didn't get me jazzed, so I put it back.

I did like this black chemise from the intimates/nightgown area. I thought it could have made for a cute dress with a long sweater and tights. But after trying on all of those other depressing pieces and the general overall store negativity I had going on, I decided it wasn't that great. I really do want a pretty slip/nightgown/chemise, but I'll wait and get a really nice quality piece.

The only thing I did like there was this skirt (not Vera Wang) for $20. It was actually kind of satin-y but I have about 15 black and white patterned skirts. I don't need another one. So that went back too.

All in all, I didn't see the entire collection but I was not impressed. Hopefully, you'll do better, especially if you are a Vera fan.


shoegalatlanta said...

I just bought a few pieces from that collection. I'm not a big fan of Kohl's but Vera's collection intrigued me. I bought the skirt with the pockets because it fit really well and looked good on me. I bought a pair of slacks and jeans (both of which fit fantastically) and the colorblock dress and a couple of tops. I tried some other items on as well that didn't fit wonderfully at all, so I can't say I love the collection in its entirity but overall I was impressed.

Anonymous said...

That dress looks so much like the nun's habit from Sound of Music!