Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

I have to admit that I have been kind of slack lately. Work has been going crazy. I keep having these presentations to do - fitting them in among all of the regular work that I have to do. The hours of the day seem to just fly by. Regardless, I resolve to post a bunch over the weekend.

The Outfit

I was doing a mix of high and low today. I paired a dark green silk-screened tee from Etsy with a jeans skirt and then my very glam Hype heels.

What I like about these heels is that they are very ornate in a great color. But what I love about them is the mesh/tulle that is wrapped around the toe of the heel (the darker areas in the image). The jewels are a very bright topaz color with a bronze-y setting.

The Focal Point

The graphic on my shirt is my focal point today. I love the color and the muted glam image. The green is a great color for me. I tried to play against the juxtaposition of the casual tee and skirt by using the fancier shoe and I pulled out some more ornate jewelry. I wore a vintage bracelet that has a large garnet stones interspersed with intricate links that have embedded pearls. My right had ring is set in gold and is an opal surrounded by dark rubies.

Very 200 years ago paired with a modern casual silhouette.

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