Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Okay, it's still hot as all get-out here so I felt it was okay to stick to some summery colors. I paired a khaki linen skirt with my bright pink cable-knit light sweater. This is definitely a summer top. And today it needed to be since it was almost 90-degrees. Luckily I got a parking space in the shade so my car did get all heated up.

For my statement jewelry I wore my very chunky vintage bracelet. It's the perfect preppy green and pink tones. Love it.

The Focal Point
The focal point is the pink color that I tried to use through out. And it's actually one of my favorite tones of pink. I have it all over in my accessories. These Sergio Rossi heels incorporate it perfectly. The body of the shoe is a very neutral bone color. The design is very unique but classic with the perfectly toned stacked wood heel. Even the cap of the heel is great - it's sort of a spread out circle. The toe is pretty pointy but these are actually quite comfortable. I've worn them traveling and walking through airports with no issues.

And look at the cool straps. Aren't the little knots in the end so cute?

Great pics by Schmoopie from Hep Cat Media.
Thanks, Hon!

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