Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. and as presented on the site the goal is for:

"Bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future."

As is obvious, I am a very consumable person. But in the rest of my life I try to do what I can to lessen my environmental impact. We are big "foodies" so one of the ways we try to do that is with our purchasing. We go to our farmer's market every week to get great bread, meats, cheeses and veggies. The food there is always better and cheaper than at the grocery store, plus we are supporting local vendors.

We also try to be careful around the house with energy and water consumption and gas usage too. You have to because it's just so darn expensive anyway but we feel it's important to do so regardless.

That's all well and good but it isn't always that fun or fashionable. Sneakily some of my favorites shoe resources are actually "environmentally friendly" as well.

I talked about Hetty Rose shoes. By using vintage fabrics, she creating a new purpose for "old" materials. And the shoes are absolutely gorgeous! And unique to you.

Buying vintage shoes is also a great way to get a unique look but it is also environmentally-friendly. It would be an absolute crime for a pair of shoes like these to be dumped in a landfill somewhere.

If you are tired of your clothes and shoes (if they are still usable), please give them to a charity and don't toss them out. Or sell them. Someone may be searching for your vintage 70's caftan. Who knows!

But my best tip is to just take care of your clothes and shoes. I am somewhat obsessive about my shoes and you know what? It shows. I keep them in shoe boxes so they aren't thrown on my closet floor. I try not to wear them inappropriately in the rain or dirt. And I take care of them. They get cleaned and they go to the shoe repair for new heel taps and soles. That's why I don't feel bad investing in a pair a shoes, because I know I can wear them for years and years.

It's better to buy one good pair than 10 crummy pairs. One thing I need to work on is keeping down the number of good pairs. Maybe that will be my new goal. Reduce my impact through a reduction in shopping (and shipping!) I think my mailman would be happy to reduce his gas consumption from to my house.

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