Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
It's finally cooled off! Yeah! I wanted to wear this really cute black jacket buuuut I had to take the dogs to doggie day care so I would have been full up with dog hair. Instead, I wore this fun Target Patrick Robinson jacket, a tan camisole and a flippy brown skirt.

I probably should have worn heels with this, but when you juggling two dogs, my computer bag, my ginormeous purse and my Blackberry, I would have killed myself before I reached the car door. So instead I wore one of my few pairs of flats. These are Coach kitten-heels with dark brown leather, leopard patterned calf-hair and brown grosgrain bows. They look pretty good for being a few years old, right?

The Focal Point
While it's typically the shoes, and it this case could totally be the shoes, my focal point today has to be the hook-and-eye detailing on the jacket.

This jacket was only about $40 from Target in their Go International collection. Kind of on the high end for Target but all the details from the hardware to the purposefully distressed edges added up to a much more expensive look. And it's great to wear with jeans, pants or skirts.

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