Thursday, October 25, 2007

Packing! Packing! Packing, Packing Packing!

We're going on a road trip and we don't know what's in store...
We're packing up all our stuff and we're heading out the door!

Photo credit: thenorwegianmafia - Flickr

We're going on a weekend trip to Asheville, NC. It should be perfect leaf-peeping time! I hope there is lots of Fall color and that it doesn't rain and that it is cool there compared to the muggy warmth we've been having. I may actually get to wear my sweaters finally! Now I just have to find them.

We're going to have a relaxing weekend visiting Biltmore, walking around downtown and checking out some of the restaurants, pubs and stores.

Photo credit: Biltmore Estate

The biggest challenge is getting everything packed. I'm actually a great, and light, packer... if I'm going on a plane. I actually went on a week business trip, in NYC, with just a small pilot case. The problem comes when we are driving because I feel I have to take advantage of all of the space to bring along any and everything I could possibly need or want.

Of course we need the GPS. Mainly because the husband has no sense of direction and I fall asleep the minute we get in the car. Truly a dangerous combination. Without this, we could be in Maine before I wake up.

And since we're in the car, we have room to bring our own pillows so we can sleep comfy. I don't care where you go, you are never going to find a pillow as perfect as your one at home.

I don't think the B&B will be too offended or anything.

Now luggage.

I'm a sucker for luggage. We are two people and we don't take that many trips each year. Yet, no lie, I have one giant suitcase, one Samsonite suitcase, 3 pilot cases (that can be checked), a vintage round 60's Samsonite case, 2 smaller retro-looking cases, and 3 duffel bags (one blue, one Target Mizrahi, and one Target Libertine). I also have this Dooney pilot case which absolutely can not be checked (I have the pink heart version, actually) and...

I also have this Mizrahi pilot case, which I love, even though it is kind of a weird shape. Sadly, about 50% of my luggage is pink and therefore the husband will not touch it. And it's so pretty I can't trust checking it on a plane, so I only get to use it on car trips.

Seriously, I have a problem. I know.

Must. Have. iPod.

I resisted for a long time. Now I'm obsessed. This is also part of what a crummy driving companion I am. I'll put on my headphones and fall asleep, leaving the hubby to drive. But it has movies on it too. And, since I can't read in the car without getting sick, this is my only entertainment besides sleep.

Another travel must, my kimono robe from Epcot. It goes to the floor but folds up very very thin. Perfect for hotel/B&B modesty.

Now the hard part, what clothes and shoes!!! Ugh!!! I can't decide and that is where I am going to get in to trouble. I'll bring twice as much as I will wear, which means we have to carry a bunch of stuff into and out of the car and into the B&B. And it will probably be raining. So that sucks.

What I'm thinking, though, is some variation on this:

Packing List - in progress:

  • Toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, make-up, face soap, mousse, Proactive, face and body lotion, cotton balls, anti-perspirant, vitamins
  • Robe, night shirt and pants, socks to wear instead of slippers, undergarments
  • Comb and brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair band
  • Laptop, phone and Blackberry chargers, cords
  • Umbrella and Rain boots
  • Pashmina (faux)
  • Fun socks and tights
  • Jeans
  • Jeans jacket
  • Magazines and book
  • Feather fascinators and gloves
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Grey shirt dress and vintage green heels
  • Red Converse
  • Tweed flats
  • Grey Kimono Sweater
  • Grey Owl v-neck from Etsy
  • Sweater dress
  • Pink satin JCrew heels
  • Red v-neck from the Gap
  • Argyle sweater from Target

Wait, how long are we going for again? Does this seem like I'm packing too much?

But there's still room in the car!!!!


Go Card USA said...

Hi-- thanks for using our image (and linking to us!) on your post about your trip to Asheville! I hope you have a blast, if you have any great photos after your return be sure to submit them to our Flickr group :D
Sightseeing Blue Ridge

We'd love to see them :D

Shannon B.
Go Card USA

P.S. I loovvvvvvvvvve Etsy too! I also bought an owl necklace on there that I wear with practically everything! What Etsy store did you buy from?

Princess Poochie said...

I'm obsessed with a bunch of folks on Etsy. I've bought a necklace from ElisabethSpace and several crocheted items from Lubee. I just got two really cool acrylic and pearl bracelets from MediaSweetie and the feather fascinatoris came from KissCurl.

All well worth checking out. I love them! Tell them Poochie sent you there!