Thursday, October 11, 2007


I was going to write this whole long and lovely post about how amazing Alexander McQueen is and how I've been in love with him ever since I saw his amazing black roses heels and I bought one of his designs.

But I got scooped! Miss Style-Spy, ever fashionable and on the ball has written a lovely post waxing lyrical about the same Collection's shoes. And well deserved it is too.

There are some amazing designers out there but I don't think anyone, besides Mr. McQueen and Mr. Galliano, are bringing fantasy to life. And I want to live in this fantasy world. These shoes are inspirational. To me they are perfect and I would wear everyone of them. I don't believe in relegating shoes like these to "special occasions." I'm the special occasion! They're the special occasion. What more do you need?

I would wear these to work, to the movies, any where, any day (ok, unless it's raining!) So, because they've been analyzed, let's just sit back and admire...

I love pink and black together, especially this shade of pink. Satin is my latest shoe obsession.

More fun pink and black. I think this combo is even sexier than red and black.

I'm loving the black lace "socks", the satin, the square toes, the height and is that a metal or an ombre heel? Who cares! Love 'em!

This is the spring version of what I'm going to be wearing this Fall - my Michael Kors heels with knit knee-socks. but the creme version is ethereal.

Hot Damn!

Excessive embellishment is one of my favorite things! I have these amazing green taffeta heels with mossy green satin ribbons that tie around my ankles. I have to share them because they are so amazing. These in the same boat!

Palest pink satin, delicate feathers with fluttery black edges. If these shoes are available, I will get them, even if I have to sell a kidney or some other bodily part.

Okay, these too. The remind me of my feather fascinators (which are amazing by the way, KissCurl!)

He used a ton of feathers in the show. Not that I want to promote excessive feather harvesting, but I love feathers integrated into fashion.

So, sorry if I'm being redundant, but, as I said, these are totally worth the additional worship time. And if you are in the market for a spare body part, just let me know.

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