Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
So this was technically my outfit yesterday, but I was having some issues getting my images to my computer. I wore a green v-neck cable-knit sweater and a straight brown skirt. With it I wore my green and white heels.

I know I in my Polyvore outfits, I don't often look like I'm all accessorized up, but here is a shot of me accessories du jour - the green and white preppy-ish heels, a wood bangle bracelet and a really cool carved stone necklace.

Here's the shoes:

The Focal Point
My very cool and interesting necklace. I bought this in San Francisco's Chinatown about a year ago. The large pendant is dark brown carved stone piece and the smaller beads are a lighter tone of brown, also heavily carved.

The necklace is dark brown and heavily knotted and braided so that it is very textured which accentuates the carved stone pieces. It also has a flirty little tassle.

I love vintage jewelry but I love pieces like this too. It's new and wasn't very expensive, but it has a lot of texture and is a great length and has presence. And I wear it again and again.

Yeah! Cheap stuff!

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