Monday, October 15, 2007

Store Focus: J Crew

I've liked the J Crew style for a long while. Their preppy yet sophisticated style appeals to my desire for clean lines and quirky details. I think they have come a long way with their accessories too, especially with the addition of their dedicated accessories sections online and in the catalog.

But I do have two big gripes with them. First - They don't make shoes in size 5 or 5.5. That means I have to get a 6 and it will probably be too big, if not swimming on me. And second, they sell out too darn fast!

I had just received my October catalog when three out of the four shoes I wanted were already gone. Not sale item, new seasonal full priced item.

I'm so ticked off right now.

I really like these tie-silk sandals in either the pink and orange "Pumpkin" combo, or

the pink and brown pairing. If you wear a 6.5 or up you should be in luck. Curse you!

I was also completely enamored of the satin mary janes. Especially when they showed them paired with equally bright stockings and socks. They're out of the the gold ones in 6 but other sizes are still available. I was going to pair these with bright fuchsia tights like in the catalog.

But I did get these in bright rose. They are going to look so cute with my hot pink/black/white argyle knee socks. The strap is a little bit of a challenge but I think it is because of my high instep. This style always bugs me that way.

One other peeve is that I think they are somewhat overpriced. I don't think their quality or styles are that good, but maybe that is why they are creating demand with their limited quantities.


Allison said...


I was wondering if these J Crew Satin Mary Janes fit true to size? As a poor graduate student, I was not able to buy them from J Crew, but there are a few pairs up on ebay right now that I'm eying.


p.s. Love your blog!

Princess Poochie said...


I would say they fit pretty true to size. One thing to note is that, if you have a high arch like I do, you may want to go a size up. The strap doesn't unbutton so you have to slip your foot through the loop.