Monday, October 8, 2007

Designer Focus - Davis by Ruthie Davis

As is probably very very apparent, I have a serious love affair with shoes. And what I love the most is the endless variety and the limitless inventiveness of the designers. Sure, some are fashion monstrosities, but at least they're in there coming up with something new. I think that is one of the reasons why everyone gets so upset when there are blatant copies being put out by some designers.

On to more fun topics! I wanted to talk about a new (to me anyways) designer that I viewed today - Davis by Ruthie Davis. Miss Davis has quite the interesting background working as a "cool hunter" for Reebok, Vice President of Women's Footwear Design and Marketing at Tommy Hilfiger and, sadly, claiming to be responsible for the UGG boot popularity.

We'll try to forgive her for that because I'm in love with her collection.

If I were to design a line of shoes, mine would be the complete antithesis of these shoes. And that is why I love them. I love a huge range of styles and these fit me just as a more girly whimsical style would. I especially admire the industrial material and the extremely architectural modern nature of her shoes. They look uber-sexy and strong. I'm sure like the women wearing them.

These have stretchy band for the mary jane and a very eye-catching chrome insert in the heel.

The view from the back of the heel is the epitome of the level of detail that I tend to swoon over. The metallic core showcased albeit subtly.

And who says formal shoes need to be satin, safe and (sometimes) boring. These could be a bit excessive what with the Swarovski crystal heel, but I think the industrial strap material, chrome insert and deep red patent make them rocker glam. I could see these paired with a short leather dress and dramatic smokey eyes.

The same way the chrome toughens up the shoes above, it sets these loafers apart. I also like how the studs on the back reinforce the insert. It's like wearing something racy to the country club.

Okay, I just need these. I love t-straps and the shape on these is perfect. The chrome and the heel push them over the top.

And if the chrome inserts weren't enough on all of those above, look at the amazing shape on this Barcelona heel. Stacked platform peep-toe paired with chunky chrome silver heel. H-O-T!

I would be willing to take on the care and wearing of any of these shoes. Please send to the attention of Princess Poochie. Thank you from the management.

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