Monday, October 1, 2007

Lost and Found

I haven't shopped in Old Navy in a while but a few months ago I popped in and got a few items. Then after my disappointing Kohl's adventure, I went into the neighboring Old Navy and found a bunch of skirts that were exactly what I was needed. Now I may be falling back in love with them.

Their prices are great and they have a good mix of fun pieces and classic pieces. And when trolling through their site today I saw these darling little Cable-Knit ballet flats. They look so snuggly that I just want to pet them. Look at the little little pom-poms! I love pom-poms!

Heather grey

This color is called Polar Bear! Polar Bear! Who can resist a pair of shoes this cute, with pom-poms AND in a color called Polar Bear??? No one, I tell you. It's like the CuteOverload Trifecta!

I also have to point out that Old Navy is also doing really adorable plaid flats. These are flannel and $19.50.

These are satin, from JCrew and $118. I like the satin, but I know I would scuff them up royally in about 5 minutes.

They're pretty but are the (almost) 10x's prettier???

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fashionnerd said...

Those cable knit ones look like the perfect shoe to keep under my desk in the winter. Comfy.

The jcrew flats are decidely not 10x cuter then the old navy ones. Plus they are one rain or snow shower from disaster.