Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainy Day Friday

So I took off work today because my husband's uncle is in town staying with us and we were going to take him all around town, show him the sites, maybe head over to the state fair and then dinner and a play.

Except the husband had 5 hour work project turn into a 24 hour work crisis, plus it rained all day, so we didn't go any where. I've been sitting around the house in my bathrobe all day. We didn't even eat lunch, just snacked on some crackers and stuff. But we are going to take him out for a delicious Indian dinner, so I guess I need to actually get up and get dressed.

Do you think it would be too much to wear a mini-skirt, pink argyle top, stripey JCrew socks and my black and white polka-dot wellies? I do have the big pink Hello Kitty umbrella to accessorise with.

Or I could wear black patent mary janes instead of the boots, because they may be too tacky to wear in the restaurant.


Lisa said...

The boots are adorable, but not exactly restaurant-worthy. I'd say go with the mary janes.

Princess Poochie said...

I agree. Much better for walking around town. I ended up with pink and black JCrew argyle socks and black top/skirt/mary janes.


Princess Poochie said...
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