Monday, October 15, 2007

Time for Tea

The weather here was particularly fabulous this weekend. Sunny but cool enough for a sweater. Perfect napping outside weather. And because it was a perfect Fall weekend there were a million things going on around town which is my big excuse for being lacking in the posting department.

I left work early on Friday and went to the grocery store to stock up for my weekend alone. The next morning I got up and got all the animals fed and walked then I went to our farmer's market because they were having a craft fair as well. Last year I had met a lovely older gentleman who makes these amazing wood bowls by hand. I jumped on a beautiful piece and we've kept our apples or squashes, etc., in since then. So I was very hopeful that he would be there again this time. At first I didn't see him, but there he was. And with amazing new pieces.

I got the best red cedar bowl that is carved so thin you can't believe it's possible. And the graining of the wood glows in the light. It's big enough for 3 mini-pumpkins and is now on my dining room table. I also got a burled oak compote, the pattern of which is so unusual and striking. I filled that up with small gourds for the hallway. His prices are not cheap, but given that they are hand-turned and carved, I think they are worth it. They look like future Antiques Roadshow treasures.

On Sunday, I cleaned some and then let the chickens out to "free range" in our backyard. As I said, it was perfect napping weather and my chickens fell asleep in the sun. It is the funniest thing to see a chicken sprawled out like a co-ed snoozing in the sunshine. I need to get a picture of that to share.

Sunday afternoon, I was invited to a Ladies Tea by my friend Sonja, the founder.

Sonja is creating a new social networking idea and is working to spread the word. I love tea and have been going to tea all around the world for over ten years. Her idea is to bring women together to create connections and a forum for ideas and interaction. I wrote and article for one of her newsletters even. It's a fun and interesting concept. Well worth checking out!

To the tea, I wanted to wear something comfy but warm since the day was cooling off, so I wore a new Mossimo sweater in a heathery brown and one of my brown skirts.

To add some visual length and pull in a lighter tone, I have these graduated bead necklace which is very long. It's kind of heavy too.

And for the first time, I wore my new Miu Miu brogues. The theme of the tea was "Wellness" and what I brought was Dagoba chocolate with lavender and Lavender Sables (french shortbread cookies). I think that influenced me to wear this because of the lavender color in the shoes.

They have that great Miu Miu cushion in the sole, so even though they are high they are pretty comfy.


Nancy W. said...

cute, cute shoes! Now why can't I wear those kind of shoes?

Princess Poochie said...

Of course you can! They are really comfy, I promise.


emily said...

those shoes are to die for.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy them, but I can't find them anywhere.. I have a notice on Ebay but never ever can I find them in my size! Anyone?