Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A quick lesson in good vs bad

Okay, just in case you weren't sure, good patchwork is...

...warm snuggly quilts made by your grandmother, great aunt, mother or the Amish. Perfect for cold winter morning hiding beneath and/or snuggle. Also good for picnics and hot chocolate.

... madras jackets, clam bakes, G&T, mint juleps in silver julep cups, Cap Cod, lobster rolls, sailing, khaki men's shorts and suede or saddle shoe Bucs.

Bad patchwork is...

... any button-down shirt paired with "mom jeans". I don't care if it hides spills. You look like a badly upholstered sofa.

... this purse. Not because its $52,500 but because it's plain ugly and egotistical.

... Marc Jacob trying to make us believe that trolling through scrap piles and making a shoe out of it. Uh-uh, no.

Patchwork in 99.9% of fashion is not "whimsical" or "versatile" or fun. You look like pile of used hankies or a remnant pile at best.

It's best just to avoid this look altogether.


Anonymous said...

Is that blazer on the GOOD side?? I almost mistook him for a sofa myself, and I think my kitty-cat would gladly work her claws into his badly-tailored upholstery. As long as he's a "no," I couldn't agree with you more!

Princess Poochie said...

I know it can be kind of goofy but I love the "uber-prep" madras jacket look.

At least it isn't the madras pants!