Monday, October 15, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I'm always inspired by Miss Gala's use of color, especially a favorite blue that she tends to wear quite a bit. So when I saw these amazing stripe tights from Joy of Socks I knew I had to get them.

This bright turquoise is a great color that just pops with any color it's paired with. To really make it stand out I wore a black v-neck Mossimo sweater and a Mizrahi flippy black skirt. To pull out the blue (and to help ward off the chill) I grabbed my faux-pashmina ($10 from the airport gift shop) and pinned on a free flower I got when I made an Etsy purchase.

Plus the Target patent mary janes.

My flower looks ginormous!

The Focal Point
Today's outfit is brought to you by the color blue....


My legs all stripe-y and blue....

A pretty blue to match the sunny blue skies outside.

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