Sunday, October 7, 2007

Out on the Town

During the week I have to dress up (somewhat) for work but on the weekend I tend to slug out. Now most of the time I could spend the entire day in my bathrobe, but I do actually have to get dressed and essentially "arm" myself when I go out to take care of my chickens.

Yes, I actually do have chickens and, while they are fun and I like them alot, they are also messy and like to peck at me sometimes. So I grab an old t-shirt from the pile, pull on my "yard" jeans and my fun polka-dot wellies.

My chickens don't appreciate my fancy shoes...

But I do have an outfit worth mentioning this weekend. We decided on Saturday to go out to a casual dinner and see a movie, which we never have time to do anymore it seems like. I wanted to go see Sydney White but they hubby said "Hell, no!" so we saw the Bourne Ultimatum - and Matt Damon was rockin' the shit in this one!

Anyway, since it's been too hot to wear any of my new stuff during the day AND because I got my new Miu Miu Spazzolato on Friday, I decided to "test" them out. I wore a new dark grey pin-stripe mini skirt from Old Navy, a black v-neck top, black knee socks and my new shoes.

Look at 'em, just look at 'em!

I have been a bit Miu Miu obsessed this Fall and, I think, with good reason. Plus, Miu Miu shoes are amazing! They have a built in cushion in the sole that makes them the comfiest shoes I've work in a very long time. I had no idea but am totally sold on them. Plus they're soooo pretty!

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