Friday, October 5, 2007

Designer Focus - Jonathan Kelsey

All of the major department stores are integrating a focus on new designers, hoping to be the first to break out a young talent.

Saks Fifth Avenue's Fashion Incubator is currently featuring Jonathan Kelsey's shoes. The collection consists of 7 pumps, sandals and shoe boots for Fall. Jonathan worked at a variety of houses including Jimmy Choo, which I can see the strong influence of in his clean lines and rich colors.

Suede Patent Pump $675

Metallic Leather Sandal $695

Metallic Leather Pump $585

I love the depth of color and the quality of the materials. The designs have a very modern and graphic sensibility with a very sophisticated silhouette. But one element that I am not yet a fan of is the cone heel. His are not as sharp as some heels I've seen and I know they pull from a 40's fashion but I just find them to be clunky and with out much sex appeal.

What do you think of this heel style and would you buy from him? Do you see him as the next Choo/Manolo/Louboutin?


Nancy W. said...

I just discovered your blog - and I really like it. As for the Kelsey shoes, I have been eying them for quite some time. Love them! Now, why don't designers ever make shoes a little wider in front and narrower in the heel?

Anonymous said...

hey there! I bought the suede and patent pump from Saks last week, but in black. they are gooorgeous!! know what you mean about the heel, but I must say they look very different in real life - much more refined. the pictures don't do them justice. for me, he is the new Louboutin - no doubt. Katie x

Anonymous said...

I have some jonathan kelsey shoes and adore them! They are actually quite comfortable probably from the cone heel. Much more supportive than stilettos. What do you think of Gianmarco Lorenzi's heels and boots. I am an avid collector, but do you think they are slightly too trashy?

Princess Poochie said...

Nancy - Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like it. You'll have to let me know if you get some of his shoes and if they are comfortable.

Katie - the black ones were pretty. I'll have to try and check them out in person. I really liked the last pair I featured. The colors just stood out so strongly for me.

Anon - I just checked out the Gianmarco Lorenzi site and there are some amazing shoes on there. I can see why you love them. There were about five I would want right off the bat. They are uber-sexy and could cross the line into trashy depending on what you paired with them, but with a very streamlined or sophisticated outfit they would add that extra oomph! I'd love to wear a very severe suit with the red pumps that have the skinny gold heel - or those gold snakeskin sandals.

Thanks for sharing! Now I have to try and track some down.


Linda said...

I love shoes! These are great!