Monday, October 8, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Sometimes it really bums me out when I can't find exactly what I am wearing on Polyvore so I can recreate my outfit. It frustrates me! Well, anyway, here goes - today I am actually wearing a cardigan in this lovely shade of deep purple with a dark pink camisole underneath (not that you can really see it, but I know it's there). I paired that with my dress denim pleated skirt from Target. The dark colors give it a Fall feeling, but both are light enough to let me live through the continuing summer-level temperatures. I also work my pink "diamond" ring to bring in more of the purple-pink-indigo color combination.

The Focal Point
But while the colors up top are strong, the shoe colors are paler. The summer weather lets me get away with the contrast and the similar color scheme ties it all together.

These Marc Jacob shoes from a few years ago may be one of my favorite shoes and I think one of his best styles. They're not too retro or chunky but are really unique. The body of the shoe is a cream linen with very happy dots in shades of pink, cream, white, violet and dark lavender. The shoe is edged in leather in the same dark lavender with a small knot bow on the outer side of the toe. The heel is an almost contrasting pale pale pink patent leather.

They are deceptively tall but so cute, so whimsical and so girly that I wear them anyways. I just simply love-love-love them!

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