Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
It was really foggy yesterday so I felt like blending into the mists. Unfortunately, it was also warm. So maybe it was just muggy steam. Whatever. So I needed to wear something cool enough to be comfortable. I can't find any pics of what I was wearing to show you the real outfit, but it was something like these:

I wore a patterned skirt and a long-sleeve square-neck silvery blue-grey top I just got on sale at Ann Taylor and the skirt is from Target. The pattern on the skirt looks like this:

So greys, whites, and camel colors. I really wanted to wear a bright shoe with this (you'll see why in a minute) but actually didn't have the color I was wanting, so I went more matchy with these Nine West Chitty heels in mouse-grew suede. You can still get these on Zappos and they come in a bunch of colors.

The Focal Point
A horrible picture I know. For some reason I wanted to wear this really bright orangey-red patterned vintage handkerchief pinned to me, so I did. I used a light blue vintage pin to hold it on.

The pattern on the handkerchief is all these drawings of different fairytale princesses and is cute, but I'm not sure how well this went over. Maybe I should have tied it around my wrist as a bracelet instead. It was quite a pop when worn with the rest of the outfit.

Maybe a little too eye-catching.

I need to give myself time to plan my outfits better. I'd do it at night but I may feel like wearing something different when wake up, and then there is the weather to contend with!

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