Thursday, October 11, 2007

Designer Focus??? - Scarlett Johansson for Reebok

Following in the footsteps of great designers Pairs Hilton, Serena Williams and JLo, Scarlett has "become" a designer for Reebok. In spite of her self-professed lack of knowledge about the process and her surprise at being approached, she gets the same label as real professionals. I don't mind a celebrity as the "face" of a brand but why do we have to be subjected to their taste in clothes, shoes, perfume, etc. Most of the the time, it ain't great!

Heck even Vogue jumped in on the act posting a WORLD EXCLUSIVE video today about the new line:

What does a Hollywood star wear on dress-down days? Go behind the scenes with Scarlett Johansson on the shoot for her Scarlett Hearts RBK line with Reebok and find out. "I really liked the way everything turned out," the actress says of the collection, which includes bomber jackets, all-in-ones and classic Ts. So could there be a future in fashion for the Girl with a Pearl Earring star? Reebok designer Elizabeth Olsen certainly seems to think so. "She brings a lot to the table for someone who's not had any experience as a designer before," she says


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